Travel Inspiration for the Future: the Beautiful Aruba

Life, as we know, is not the same for the time being. The world is facing a pandemic situation due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As the world temporarily shuts down, international travel is halted until further instructions and countries are amplifying constraints as they try to tackle the virus by gradually locking down borders and countries.

Times like this can be terrifying and distressing for everyone around the globe, as we are contained indoors, trying to adjust to a new lifestyle. As for the future of travel, we are optimistic that there are going to be brighter rays of sunshine as soon as the world opens its doors, and that travellers will make the best out of it.

Until then, we stay safe within our four walls, but we could always keep the flame burning by reading and sharing travel stories and inspiring others to travel, which is very essential to stay connected with the world. So, we would like to share a stunning location with you! One that should be on your list of places to visit, and a destination that is more than just clear blue waters and soft sandy beaches. Yes, the place that should be on the top of your travel bucket list is none other than the beautiful Aruba!

Conveniently located in the Caribbean Sea and off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is a tourist hotspot for many travellers. If you are looking for a complete escape from your everyday lifestyle and the daily grind, then this is the best place to be. This small island is known for its calm and relaxing surroundings and stunning wonders in the Caribbean.

Aruba is a marvellous place with many tourist attractions like the Antilla shipwreck, intentionally sunk by the German army at the beginning of World War II, but now it is a popular diving spot where underwater explorers can look into teeming marine life in the warm waters of Aruba and enjoy the underwater vistas of shipwrecks.

You could also visit the small village called Seroe Colorado, located on the edge of the south-east of Aruba that boasts of some of the most stunning sights of the island. The name of the village literally translates to “Colorful Hill”, because of the multicoloured limestone cliffs that regally stand tall.

Baby Beach, called after the very calm and pristine waters, is a perfect spot for a swim, especially for the kids. If you are a beach bum or an intense surfer, Rodgers Beach is the best place to go. Plus, if you enjoy hikes and treks and like to revel in a bit of history, look no further than the Fontein Cave. Located in Airkok National Park, this cave is famous for the Arawak Indian paintings which are still visible on its ceilings and walls.

With that being said, here are some other caves to explore — the Guadirikiri Cave and Huliba Cave. While this tiny little island has marvellous man-made attractions, Aruba is also home to stunning natural sites like the Ayo Rock Formation, an impressive natural landscape to explore. The huge boulders in different sizes and shapes stacked on top of each other, smoothened by the salty air, make it the ideal place for travellers to take in the beauty of the landscapes.

When you visit this beautiful country, make sure you make a visit these man-made wonders, such as the Fort Zoutman and King Wilhelm tower, The California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, also known as “Pilgrim’s Church”, and many more tourist magnets.

Another reason you should visit this fascinating destination is because of its friendly locals with the best hospitality and diverse cuisine, ranging from traditional Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish. Which means you can enjoy freshly cooked meals, savour the rich flavours, and indulge in the authentic side of Aruba prepared with love.

The world will gradually get back on its feet and open its doors to the travellers who are eagerly waiting to make the best of it. If you decide to visit Aruba, just call us or email us at Travel Center for the best deals and cheap flights.

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